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“Michele in the World” s.r.l (MITW) is a brand that has its ancient roots in Naples’s history and civil society, thanks to the passion and the daily experience of men that for more than a century devoted their life to the Art of Pizza Making, handing down to future generations ancient gestures and culinary culture, born and nurtured by Condurro family in the main pizzeria of “L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele” in via Cesare Sersale, in the historical center of Naples.
The pizza, that every day is made by the wise hands of expert pizza makers and that today thanks to MITW everyone can taste in other cities around the world, remains with simple ingredients of high quality, treasured as a work of art, without accepting new trendy alternatives, loyal to classic tastes of “marinara” (garlic, oregano, oil, tomato) and “margherita” (fior di latte cheese, romano cheese, basil, oil, tomato). The pizza that MITW is exporting abroad replicates scents and tastes of many civilizations that built Neapolis, sharing history, culinary tradition, beauty of the people with different stories and roots: MITW’s pizza is the truest pizza of Napoli in the world, that never betrays the simple origins that made it a product for everyone, widely spread.

Da Michele’s Franchising

The young history of MITW is supported by the wisdom of the tradition, that has the daily work of “L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele” as its landmark and the energy of the youngest generation of Condurro family following new path of innovations, keeping up with the times.
The spread of the brand, thanks to a cautious franchising policy, is anything but improvised: any new branch follows a plan that provides, after the initial approach and the contacts with the AD, the acceptance of all the rules contained in the contract such as the essential use of carefully chosen raw materials controlled from its origins and in process by MITW, the verification of quality of the product, of pizza makers training, through established phases, and whatever can guarantees to MITW the loyalty to the quality standards written in the franchising contract.

Sign: L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele + Branch Name
Activity Description: Restaurant Business
References: Michele In The World
E-mail: To send an e-mail, please use the dedicated form
Address: Via Foria, 25 – 80100 Napoli  (NA), Italy

Markets: > 15.000 citizens
Optimal Location: Historical Center / High Population Density Districts
Minimal surface of the shop: 300 mq
Staff: Based on sales space and commercial traffic

Contract Period: 4 years
Area Exclusivity: Based on the catchment area and location
IT Infrastructure (Hw, Sw): Required connection with MITW central system
Entrance Fee: Required
Sales Volume Royalties:  Required

At the moment the franchise requests are blocked

Our Services



MITW as Franchisee’s support.

The start-up phase is the most important part of the franchising plan since it requires to pay the utmost attention to every detail and the close collaboration with local partners, both in Italy and abroad. MITW has at its disposal a professional team that can support the Franchisees during the whole preparation and start-up process, following the standards and the methodology of the main branch.



Tradition and Innovation

MITW, that is developing its own Franchising in the world since 6 years now, is able to offer several services and specific “know how” that covers from its own Pizza Maker Masters following the preparation and the start-up of the new Pizzeria, to technical-managerial advice service, to marketing service and both national and international communication service. Thanks to this, MITW can guarantee a smoother start-up process and a faster reaching of the commercial achievements, staying loyal to the quality standards and the tradition of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.



Quality is guaranty of continuity

Quality check is one of the main points of MITW Format Franchising. It’s also and foremost a continuous confrontation with the Franchisees so that will be possible to guarantee the same product and service to Customers. There will be periodic visits to the pizzerias all over the world by our supervisors to verify the respect of the quality standards included in our operating manual. From the in-depth check of raw materials and their conservation methods, to the preparation process of a selected group of people expected to work in the pizzeria, a service team, communication, and so on.



MITW in action

MITW is a dynamic organization supporting the development plan of the Franchising with complementary activities and events aimed to the promotion of the Art of Pizza Maker and, mainly, of their own partners in Italy and abroad, which represent the absolute priority. From the tradition of the most ancient Pizza in Naples to its illustrious food and wine culture. Activities aimed to embrace millions of Customers that enjoy L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele all over the world and to strengthen the relationship with their own Franchisees and Suppliers.



Coming into contact with you and for you

MITW main branch in Naples has a qualified and multilingual team, dedicated to customer assistance, logistic and problem solving procedures. The offices are available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., at +39 081-291371.



Better safe than sorry

MITW is organized to answer to all the necessary technical needs to start a Franchising activity. From the verification of the entire restaurant project, to the single steps to make it happen such as analysis of the area and customer base, support during the choice of the location and the technical equipment, management of menu, selection and training of the staff, up to provision of the software and support in the management of the branch.